Positional Release Therapy Institute
Our mission is to foster the practice of positional release therapy through research, clinical practice and the provision of pedagogically sound instruction.  

"A great tool to add to any therapy program, very easily applied" 
                                                                               HealthWorks Rehab and Fitness Session Participant 

Services offered:
  • Manual therapy instruction to licensed health care providers
  • Positional Release Therapy for the general public
  • Biomechanical evaluation and orthotic fabrication and prescription
  • Physical activity recommendations

Owner and Founder, Tim Speicher, PhD, ATC, CSCS, PRT-c.

Dr. Speicher has been engaged in the practice and research of PRT for over a decade and has provided instruction nationally to a variety of clinicians.


Positional release therapy (PRT) also known by its parent term, strain counterstrain, is a therapeutic technique that uses a position of comfort to resolve tissue dysfunction, e.g., pain, tightness and spasm.  Essentially, PRT is the opposite of stretching.  Simply, PRT works to unkink muscle and fascia much like a knotted necklace, by gently twisting and pushing the tissues together to take tension off the knot. When one link in the chain is unkinked, others nearby untangle. A gentle and passive technique, PRT has been advocated for the treatment of acute, subacute and chronic tissue dysfunction for all ages.

Dr. Jones, D.O., an osteopathic physician, first developed PRT in the 1950's, terming the technique at this time positional release, then later strain counterstrain. Jones hypothesized that tissue dysfunction was the result of a strain counterstrain mechanism. Since the techniques development, Jone's original theory and technique has been advanced by multiple practitioners and researchers, including Dr. Speicher. For example, the Fasciculatory Response Method (FRM) was first published by Drs. Speicher & Draper in the International Journal of Athletic Therapy and Training in 2006.

The FRM is one of several innovative approaches you will learn from the Positional Release Therapy Institute that sets our instructional offerings apart from others.


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